Implementing Digital Twins in Small to Medium Size Companies

The acceptance of Digital Twin technology has increased over the past few years with its part played in manufacturing, also among the small and medium size companies. The reason for that is that Digital Twins offer a possibility to manufacturers to decrease operating expenditures, use more effectively data and information, make better and quicker decisions, and speed up production. In this presentation Tom Copeland will highlight how Trak Machine Tools company implements and manages Digital Twins projects and its´ workflows.

  • How to use Digital Twins to get your team on the same page
  • How to use Siemens’ Digital Twin Simulation Products
  • How to manage digital twin projects
  • Managing Remote Resources who use digital twins
  • The real value of implementing Digital Twins in your company

Tom Copeland

TRAK Machine Tools

TRAK® Machine Tools - Southwestern Industries, Inc.


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