Revolutionizing Roadways - Advancements in Sensor Technology and IoT Platforms for Smarter Transportation Infrastructure

This presentation focuses on the development of cutting-edge sensors and an integrated IoT platform to transform the way we manage and monitor roadways. With the growing challenges in urban transportation and infrastructure maintenance, this study explores the potential of sensor technologies to collect real-time data on road conditions, traffic flow, and environmental factors. The IoT platform acts as the backbone for aggregating, analyzing, and disseminating this data, enabling improved decision-making, proactive maintenance, and enhanced safety for both commuters and pedestrians. This research contributes to the vision of smart cities and sustainable transportation systems, providing valuable insights for policymakers, engineers, and technologists working towards a more connected and efficient roadway network.

  • The challenges of traditional roadway maintenance (when, what and where to repair)
  • The key sensing technologies needed to provide data about the road conditions
  • The elements of an IoT platform and a cloud-based analytics platform
  • How the data from the sensors is analyzed to provide insights into the condition and resilience of the roadway, as well as when and what type of maintenance needs to be performed

John Wallace

Director Intelligent Systems
Tensar International Corporation

Tensar International GmbH


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