Panel Discussion: Interoperability, device agnostics, standardization, system integration and open/universal architecture

The Industrial Internet of Things will enable smarter automation that allows “things” to share information, learn about their surroundings and auto-tune themselves to achieve optimum throughput and minimal downtime. Frameworks like OPC will play a central role in the Industrial Internet as will new IoT protocols and stalwarts like MQTT. However, we are far from consensus and much more needs to be defined in aligning legacy and new systems across enterprises.

  • What is the current state of open/universal architecture, who are the major players and where are the sticking points
  • What can you do to bring your organisation into line with the movement and make yourself future ready
  • While work is done to align standards and protocols, what “cheap hacks” can help achieve interoperability and system and data model integration across your organisation

To discuss the variety of opportunities and challenges in this field, the following panelist will take to stage:

Moderator: William Sobel

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