Group B | (2) ROI Café: Real Talk on Digital Transformation, Industry and IoT

  • Industry experts believe manufacturers face a shortage of 2 million manufacturing jobs by 2025. With new technology bringing on new required skill sets, how will do you plan to address this potential gap as manufacturers transform into a more digital landscape?
  • In what ways are you considering AI and Machine Learning to improve productivity, service and customer interactions in your business?
  • How are you improving the connection with and feedback from your customers, partners and key stakeholders to deliver more rapid innovation?
  • Over the next five years, PwC projects that manufacturing and engineering industry will invest roughly $31 billion a year in Industry 4.0. What areas do you feel have the most relevance to your business (AI /Machine Learning, Digital Twin, Blockchain, etc..) and why?
  • What are the key roadblocks, questions or concerns keeping you awake at night concerning this shift to a digital industry future?

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