Easy Button – Plan and deploy sustainable compute Infrastructure in IoT environments

As everyone knows…digitalization is now a standard way of life for most all Americans. From toddlers swiping at an iPad to CEO’s and Presidents “tweeting”, the “digital world” is advancing incredibly fast. Digitization enables new insights and make segments “Smart.” All segments are in flight in varying degrees of maturity in this digitalization process and “Industry” is no exception. IoT enables warehouses, manufacturing facilities, cities, roads, and many other segments to achieve a higher level of visibility. This creates an enormous amount of data that all the sudden becomes vital to operations. It begs the question on where all data – once being captured – needs to be processed, stored and/or transported over networks. Data is critical. Without it, “Smart” just disappeared and organizations can easily loose business. During this talk, the audience will learn ideas and solutions to efficiently deploy, manage, and monitor their critical data infrastructure. Smart just got better.

  • Digital world and development of digital platform
  • Connecting with IoT cities, roads and different segments of life
  • Schneider Electric projects in the IoT field

Carsten Baumann

Director Strategic Initiatives, Solution Architect
Schneider Electric


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