Scott Grumski

Chief Engineer
Scott has over twenty years of engineering and management experience in various industrial, manufacturing, and engineering operations, including:
  • Founding and managing a computer-based technical training company
  • Designing, commissioning, installing, starting-up, and maintaining industrial control systems
  • Supervising an assembly and testing facility
  • Supervising mill maintenance teams
Scott has a BSEE degree from the Pennsylvania State University

Forney L.P

The company offers a range of scientific instruments for testing, measuring, and processing construction material, such as concrete, soil, and asphalt. Its products include concrete cylinder molds/fixtures/caps, concrete beams and prism molds, cube and briquette molds, block testing pad caps/fixtures, capping compound and melting pots, curing tanks and curing room accessories, concrete mixers/vibrators, concrete coring equipment, maturity meters and thermometers, tube samplers, physical and non-destructive testing devices, penetrometers, flow testing cones/tables, load frames, and cement calorimeters; processors/grinders/trimmers; compression machines; sieving and screening machines, wet sieving machines, and sieves; sample splitters and quartering cloths/wash drums; viscometers; and glassware/pans, hot plates, laboratory essentials, muffle furnaces, ovens, scales, thermometers, and vacuum pumps. The company offers its equipment for applications, such as concrete sample preparation, cured concrete testing, and fresh mix testing; data acquisition, field tests, geotechnical engineering, highway construction testing, load frames, sample preparation, and soil classification; aggregate tests, gradation, and sample processing; and binder and mix testing. It also provides technical support, field support, repair, and warranty services. The company distributes its products from its manufacturing plants and depots in the Eastern and Western United States; and internationally through sales personnel. It also sells its products online. The company was founded in 1916 and is based in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania with locations in Hermitage, Pennsylvania; and Denver, Colorado.

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