Leo Kelly Kelly

VP, Strategic Partnerships
Leo’s background is primarily in systems integration/managed services and wireless communications but he’s also worked on business culture initiatives, spent time in the non-profit world making literature available to small language groups via open-source intellectual property and software, as well as traveling extensively in Europe, Asia, and Oceana. He currently serves as Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for US IoT Network, where he and his team are building a low-cost IoT network in the U.S. based on LoRaWAN technology.

US IoT Network

US IoT Network has a simple mission – to connect a dedicated LoRaWAN IoT network nationwide, from congested city centers to previously unreached rural areas. We’re working with wireless internet service providers, mobile network operators, site owners, and IoT developers to coordinate and deploy a network that will serve as a ubiquitous, secure and ruggedized way to connect IoT, while bringing unprecedented value to the IoT marketplace.

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