Kemal Levi

CEO & Founder
Kemal Levi, PhD-MBA is a researcher, entrepreneur, scientific consultant focusing on computer vision and mechanical reliability. He has authored numerous patents and publications in his field of expertise and is a frequent speaker on mechanical reliability and polymer science. Kemal is currently Founder and CEO of Relimetrics, developing hardware agnostic computer vision software to inspect material quality and reliability


Relimetrics, Inc. provides imaging solutions for materials reliability. It offers materials reliability third party supplier analysis for the aerospace sector; mechanical design optimization, materials and parts testing, and post-event analysis for the automotive sector; and structural monitoring, predicting failure, and machine inspection solutions for the civil/construction sector. The company also provides QA testing services for the manufacturing sector; cancer detection, wound healing monitoring, and surgical cut optimization solutions for the medical surgical sector; and product efficacy testing, reducing clinical trials time, and validated marketing claims for the life sciences sector. In addition, it offers technical consulting services, including analysis, product design, predictive modeling, and software development across engineering and consumer care industries. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Menlo Park, California.

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