John Cunningham

Innovation Director
John Cunningham is G3’s Director of Innovation. For over 20 years he has been devoted to helping customers protect their wines during and after bottling. His team is responsible for developing new products and technologies including patent pending oxygen-transmission-rate controlling and carbon-dioxide retaining liners for aluminum closures. Using a holistic analytics approach, his group has studied and modeled performance for a broad array of packaging formats. They also work closely with customers, industry partners, and university researchers to develop solutions for a wide range of packaging challenges. John is always happy to share the advanced techniques that he and his team use for optimizing processes and developing new products.

G3 Enterprises

G3 Enterprises, Inc. provides packaging products and supply chain services. The company offers oak barrel alternatives and products; wine labels and label printing solutions, such a packaging solution for carbonated wines; a wine label paper; pressure-sensitive solution and services; cut and stack labels; and bottle etching and personalized wine bottle services. It also offers beverage closures, which include screw caps for carbonated wine, long-skirt twist caps, wine and bottle corks, alternative synthetic closures, champagne stoppers, bar tops, crowns, and wine closure supplies, as well as capsules; one-way plastic kegs for wine and beer; single serve wine package; and mobile bottling and bottle service, including bottle cleaning/sparging, filling, pressure-sensitive labeling, bottle-production coding, in-line case printing, and automated glue-case sealing. In addition, the company offers technical solutions and support services, such as pre-bottling equipment check-ups, machine condition and setting evaluation, packaging and bottling troubleshooting, product qualification assistance, and other services; transportation and logistics services, which include harvest hauling, bulk liquid transportation, port drayage, and freight transportation; and warehousing, handling, distribution, import/export compliance, inventory management, and value-added services. Further, it supplies silica for colored glass bottles, topdressing sands for golf courses, and construction fill material. Furthermore, the company manufactures and sells food ingredient dryer and dry nutraceutical products. G3 Enterprises, Inc. was formerly known as Grand Street Litho. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Modesto, California with additional locations in Napa, California; and Woodridge, Illinois.

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