James Barkley

Manufacturing Chair and Spokes Person
Part futurist, part practitioner, and part business leader, I am a smart creative type who is in it to transform industries. My special brand of Agile Systems Engineering and Open Source roots have proven to be a powerful combination in efforts of all shapes and sizes. My business acumen and hands-on leadership allow me to thrive in complex projects with disparate stakeholders. My passion for meaningful business impact and my deep commitment to technology and engineering have led me primarily down an R&D career track with an applied focus, and a special interest in complex cyber-physical systems.

Midwest Big Data Hub

A diverse and committed network of partners has created a nimble and flexible regional Midwest Big Data Hub (MBDH) to address increasing challenges in collecting, managing, serving, mining, and analyzing rapidly growing and increasingly complex data and information collections to create actionable knowledge and guide decision-making. MBDH will capture special opportunities, interests, and resources unique to the Midwest. MBDH has formed a distributed hub and governance structure. The hub supports activities that aggregate expertise, projects, and resources, enabling communities to assemble and function along multiple spokes, including specific themes of importance to the Midwest (across three broad themes of society, natural/built environments, and biomedical sciences). Integrative rings connect all spokes and are organized around themes of data sciences, tools, and services needed to collect, store, link, serve, and analyze complex data collections, and educational activities to advance the knowledge base and train a new workforce in the practice and use of data science and services. Groups across the region are naturally incentivized to work together as they all realize that the challenges they face are larger than any single group, institution, state, or region can adequately address alone.

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