Florian Holz

Managing Director
Florian is CEO and owner of SOTEC (, a 2nd generation family-owned boutique software and hardware development company based in Stuttgart, Germany. SOTEC develops end-to-end solutions for international clients of all sizes since 1980. Florian and his team are actively contributing to major Industrial IoT research efforts (e.g. pICASSO Project) to enable cloud-based control (PLC) systems. Their passion for solving real-world problems drives them to build innovative IoT solutions across multiple sectors (e.g. (, SOTEC CloudPlug, Cigsor and more) utilizing public cloud infrastructures. Florian holds a Master (Dipl. Ing.) in mechatronics from the University of Stuttgart. Prior to joining SOTEC, he worked at Voith Paper Automation as Product Manager for Information Systems.


Sotec Co. Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers, laptops, and related peripherals. The company was founded in 1984 and is based in Yokohama, Japan. Sotec Co. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of ONKYO Corporation.

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