Dave Rauch

Senior Vice President - Worldwide Manufacturing Operations
Rauch oversees worldwide manufacturing of hard drives, including operations, manufacturing engineering and data systems. With more than 30 years of experience in technology-based companies, he has held positions in operations, engineering and program management. The hard disk drive business is fast-paced with many technical challenges, including rapid technology transitions, dynamic market cycles and competitive operational requirements. Rauch has worked for companies ranging in size from startup to $16 billion in annual revenue. Prior to joining Western Digital, Rauch worked in the optical telecommunications and solar industries, commercializing innovative products and expanding product portfolios.

Western Digital

Western Digital Corporation (Western Digital), incorporated on October 26, 2000, is a developer, manufacturer and provider of data storage devices and solutions that address the needs of the information technology (IT) industry and the infrastructure that enables the proliferation of data in virtually every industry. The Company's portfolio of offerings addresses three categories: Datacenter Devices and Solutions (capacity and performance enterprise hard disk drives (HDDs), enterprise solid state drives (SSDs), datacenter software and system solutions); Client Devices (mobile, desktop, gaming and digital video hard drives, client SSDs, embedded products and wafers), and Client Solutions (removable products, hard drive content solutions and flash content solutions). The Company also generates license and royalty revenue related to its intellectual property which is included in each of the three categories.

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