Christopher Hooton

Scholar at the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy and Chief Economist
Christopher Hooton, Ph.D. is the Chief Economist of Internet Association where he leads the organization’s economic analysis and research on the internet sector. Dr. Hooton also serves as a Senior Scholar (non-resident) at the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy. Dr. Hooton publishes academic work across a variety of media examining internet issues including sector identification methodologies, the internet’s economic contributions, and internet policy broadly. While at Internet Association, Dr. Hooton received the 2017 Edmund A. Mennis Contributed Papers Award from the National Association for Business Economics for his work on internet produced income. Dr. Hooton is an authority on the internet sector and the internet economy, with his work recently featured in leading news publications such as New York Times, Financial Times, and TechCrunch. He is also often invited to speak on economic issues surrounding the internet and economic development and policy. Dr. Hooton’s areas of research include economic development, spatial analysis, and evaluation. Prior to joining IA, he served as a consultant to the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as other leading organizations. He also formerly served as a Lecturer on policy evaluation and evaluation research at the Social Science Research Methods Centre of the University of Cambridge. Dr. Hooton earned his Ph.D. without revision from the University of Cambridge (St John’s College) where he also served as a member and Captain of the university's boxing team, his MSc with distinction from the London School of Economics, and his BA summa cum laude from University of Miami. He has also written two novels entitled Observance and Peregrine East and a travel memoir entitled How to Backpack with Your Parents.

The Internet Association

Internet Association is the only trade association that exclusively represents leading global internet companies on matters of public policy. Our mission is to foster innovation, promote economic growth, and empower people through the free and open internet. We believe the internet creates unprecedented benefits for society, and as the voice of the world’s leading internet companies, Internet Association works to ensure legislators, consumers, and other stakeholders understand these benefits.

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