Axel Voege

Head of Digital Operations, Germany EHM and Data Services Executive
Accountable for the development of engine health monitoring (EHM) and Data Services strategy for the area of “Civil Small & Medium Engines”. Lead the integration of EHM and Data Services across the business. Establish business concepts for exploration of IoT. Leading projects with airframer and partner companies to establish a world-class product and services that support the business needs and delights the customer.


Rolls Royce uses Engine Health Management (EHM) to track the health of thousands of engines operating worldwide, using onboard sensors and live satellite feeds. A corporate EHM team covers all the business sectors which enables the Group to develop technologies and best practice. In the Civil market for example, the Trent family of engines is supported by a comprehensive Rolls-Royce EHM capability and accessible as appropriate by the airlines involved. EHM is a pro-active technique for predicting when something might go wrong and averting a potential threat before it has a chance to develop into a real problem. EHM covers the assessment of an engine’s state of health in real time or post-flight and how the data is used reflects the nature of the relevant service contracts. Essentially, EHM is about making more informed decisions regarding operating an engine fleet through acting on the best information available. The evolution of EHM and the revolution in its use has significantly reduced costs by preventing or delaying maintenance, as well as flagging potentially costly technical problems. New assets will incorporate EHM capability, and techniques will, where possible, be retro-fitted to existing equipment. Broader engineering disciplines can benefit from the data that is collected. As operational profiles of technical performance are revealed in ever more detail – from individual components to whole engines – so engineers can develop more thorough and cost-effective maintenance schedules, and designers can feed higher reliability features into the engine products of the future.

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