Agmon David Porat

Head of innovation Lab
Leading the global strategic business development at Ham-let, a $130 million and growing company focused on flow solutions for industrial facilities via partnership eco system and R&D. My first focus is on bringing innovation Innovate to transform business, ops, logistics in ham-let. specifically, solutions for making iIOT vision a reality. Working with an amazing team to combine our OT and IT expertise to bring Ham-let to the industrial 4.0 as well as transforming our product range to provide relevant solutions. As part of my work i have led an acceleration lab program in Ham-let and I am constantly looking for startups and technologies that fit the Ham-llet business. Feel free to reach out and pitch. interest areas including but not limited to: IIOT, AI for industrial use, blockchain, Energy Management, flow systems, valves and fittings, Industrial Automation and Control.      


Established in 1950, Ham-Let® Group is a worldwide manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings applicable for process control and high purity industries. In addition to providing a wide range of standard instrumentation solutions, Ham-Let® Group specializes in providing special solutions in support of new projects and development work. We provide a full range of products with attention to excellence and craftsmanship, down to the last detail of each and every product.

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