Moving toward Smart Critical Infrastructure and Securing Critical Operations

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and demand for smart technology in an increasingly ‘connected’ world is a contributor to the expanding threat footprint in the OT space. Across all industries, including smart cities, connected buildings, critical infrastructure, etc. there is a rise in smart devices, and the intelligent analytics derived from connecting almost any “thing” to a network in order to deliver additional insights, essential cost savings and operational efficiencies. This evolution will likely continue and be embraced as organizations seek out increased efficiencies and compete in a more global landscape, with that, it’s important that cybersecurity is a built-in consideration to mitigate the potential introduction of additional cyber risks.

  • Highlighting the importance of Operational Technology (OT) aspects to enabling business outcomes
  • Shedding light on OT environments and implications regarding cybersecurity, what are the risks and why we should care
  • Pinpointing positive and practical steps toward securing OT and industry focus

Mirel Sehic

VPGM Cybersecurity


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