Creativity as the 21st Century Superpower for IoT Business Success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IIoT and digitalization, creativity emerges as the linchpin for ensuring continued growth and innovation. This presentation explores the essence of creativity, its manifestation, and its pivotal role in driving businesses forward in the context of these transformative domains. We delve into what creativity truly means, how it takes shape, and the profound impact it can have on the success and adaptability of enterprises navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by industry, IoT, and digitalization.

  • Our world increasingly demands that we “fix things” and “create new things”. Fix and Create. In order to do this effectively we must understand Creativity.
  • Creativity is universally misunderstood and therefore underutilized in terms of its power to move us forward.
  • When combined with the other “3 C’s—Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking”, Creativity becomes both a mindset and skillset for long-term growth.

Jamie Gallagher

Former CEO/Founder
Faber-Castell USA


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