Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges in Operational Technology While Leveraging the Advantages of IoT

Ensuring strong cybersecurity measures is crucial for success and a pivotal initial step in the digital transformation journey, particularly since the Internet of Things (IoT) is leading to more connected devices. By evaluating current risks and potential vulnerabilities, manufacturers can gain valuable insights that will enable them to integrate robust cybersecurity practices into their operations. Carelessly implemented IoT systems can considerably expand an organization’s attack surface. However, utilizing Software Defined Networks (SDN) in Operational Technology (OT) can help overcome various challenges that arise when implementing OT Networks that include controls and IoT devices and switches.

With three decades of experience in manufacturing, Jeff has dedicated many years to designing OT cybersecurity solutions for industrial networks. In his presentation, Jeff will discuss:

  • SDN, its mechanics, and .
  • How SDN is utlized in OT?
  • its mechanics
  • how it addresses numerous challenges faced by organizations that are attempting to enhance their OT cybersecurity posture

Jeff Smith

Dynics, Inc.

Dynics products distributor


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