The power of connecting operational excellence, workforce augmentation, and sustainability in manufacturing through technology adoption at Western Digital – Doing well by doing good

The pressure on enterprises to act responsibly has been steadily growing throughout the last couple of years. Clients not only demand low cost and high-quality products from their partners, but they also expect that products are produced in a way that is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. How a company goes about fulfilling these high expectations while also staying competitive is the topic of Jackie Jung’s presentation.

Jackie explains how Western Digital has embraced achieving their definition of “Operational Excellence” through 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies which led the team to attaining two World Economic Forum “Lighthouse” designations, each being the first in their country, Malaysia, and Thailand. Jackie then broadens the discussion to include the entire supply chain and the high expectations, requirements, and responsibilities in today’s world drive us all to do the right thing. Together, we can all do well by doing good.

Jackie Jung

Vice President Global Ops Strategy & COE
Western Digital


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